Volume 57: The Miseducation Of The Platinum Pussy

“Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.”  –Oscar Wilde

            Mary B. Morrison once said that Pussy is sweeter than honey and more valuable than money. To some, the word pussy is simply an English Word meaning cat. To others, it’s also a slang word that refers to the female genitalia. Pussy is also a pejorative term that implies cowardice or weakness-a disparaging and dismissive term that sometimes describes a woman regarded only as a sex partner. What most don’t know is that the word pussy is actually a shortened version of the word “pusillanimous”, which comes from Latin words meaning “tiny spirit” and is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “showing a lack of courage and determination” or cowardly. Today, women find themselves in positions that fifty years ago, no one would have thought they’d be in. Women have evolved from stigmas of being restricted to cooking, cleaning, tending to children or utilizing sex to ultimately get what they want. Today, women are CEO’s of major companies, business and fashion moguls, and are also politicians. The average black woman in America has a higher credit score than the average black man; they represent the much larger population enrolled in college, and are buying property faster than we are. It’s actually beautiful to see. Divorces are up because frankly women don’t have to put up with our shit and remain in unhappy marriages due to financial dependency the way that perhaps our Mothers and Grandmothers had done. Radio airwaves play tracks from female R&B and hip hop artists-many of them boasting of their independence, ownership of assets, as well as other materialistic bullshit. A first date with the modern-day sista may consist of them dropping their verbal resume of accolades over dinner, reminding us for the hundredth time that they’ve got their own this, and they’ve got their own that and they don’t need no man. Yes…the modern-day woman is definitely doin’ it big.
            But despite all the wonderful things that I see my sistas doing and the new plateaus of independence and respect they continually attain, it’s always sad when you see the population of sistas who believe that they contain some sort of mythological Pussy. The women who believe in the myth of the Platinum Pussy are the ones who feel as though they can change a man and his current state of thinking, based on how good the pussy is, or whether or not she chooses to in fact have sex with him. 
            Now, many of the educated female movers and shakers of the world may think that proclamations of the “Platinum Puss” are reserved for the ghetto, oversexed and undereducated women…but as many men will confirm…there are large amounts of overachieving women-wasting away their best years-trying to change the mind of a man through sex.
I meet women who consistently bash brothers for their child-like antics; many of those women ironically are in fact themselves card-carrying members of the platinum puss club. They’re romantically involved with their polar opposite-naively believing that they can change him into their dream man. It’ll never work. But in life, you’ll always have those who prefer to ice-skate uphill.
            I stated before that women sign contracts in invisible ink. Men are far less complex than we’re made out to be. Most of us show you exactly who we are from the jump, but women who believe in the platinum puss hear what they wanna hear. We tell them we don’t want a relationship. They hear “I don’t want a relationship right now…but give me a little time and I’ll likely change my mind.”
They believe that they can change our mindset even though we’ve told them exactly what we want and what we don’t want. Then after months and sometimes even years of avoiding the inevitable, reality sinks in that a man will not change who he is. And that’s when they go crying to Women’s Magazines, talk radio and legions of single girlfriends…to tell the tale of how men are all dogs.
“Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.”  -Albert Einstein

            Believing that you can withhold sex to force us into an ultimatum for a relationship-I knew a young lady who was interested in a relationship with me. At the time I wasn’t looking to get involved. I was fresh out of a long relationship, and unlike many, I give myself time between relationships to assess what went wrong, what could have been done better, and how to avoid history from repeating itself by dating the exact same person I just broke up with. I met a successful, attractive, educated woman who was a great catch…on paper. When I first met her, my spidey-sense told me that she would be a case similar to what I had a history of running into: a woman who had a man already, but selfishly wanted to still play the market. The signs were there. She always wanted to come to my place and never wanted to chill in the area she lived in. Of course she swore up and down and she was single, had been so for some time, and had great difficulty finding a man in America’s 5th largest city. Ladies…none of us believe that shit anymore. In today’s society, even a man can find a man! Do you honestly want us to believe that attractive women can walk the streets and not be relentlessly harassed and approached by men?
            But anyway, she wanted a relationship, and the bottom line is…she wasn’t gonna get one. I was very open about my intentions and she was adamant on changing my mind. When the subject of sex arose she proceeded to tell one of the most common lies that women tell: “I don’t have casual sex. I only have sex with the man I’m in a relationship with.”
I’m sure she thought I’d change my stance, just to please my carnal appetites. She was wrong. Women hafta realize that they cannot withhold the pussy, in exchange for promises of a relationship. Some foolishly try to dangle the shit over our heads like an 8-ounce sirloin steak, hoping that we will jump their hoops like a trained golden retriever. They still fail to realize that sex relieves tension…love causes it. You can’t “trick” us into falling for you. You’ll wind up looking very stupid every time.

            Believing that you can use the pussy to change your current relationship status/Take someone else’s man- Everyone knows someone who is the “other woman” aka the mistress, aka the side-jawn. The biggest myth about the Platinum Puss is when the side jawn believes that a married man will leave his wife (and many times his family) in order to be with her. Ladies…it doesn’t matter how well you give head. It doesn’t matter how pretty your face is or how fat your ass is. You can ride a dick so good that it comes off and screams “No Mas” during sex. The end result will always be the same. The wife will be the wife…and you will be the side jawn. He can make promises. He can buy you things. He can even give you money in exchange for discretion. Ultimately your position will not change, so if you’re gonna play a mistress role…play it well. It’s like the spoiled professional athlete who complains about the contract he agreed to and now wants to renegotiate it for a better deal. That married brotha will be as unfazed to your bullshit as the team owner is to the athlete who naively thinks he is bigger than the sport itself. At the end of the day, you’ll never get what you want. Two years later, you’re still the other woman…arguing with girlfriends who care about you and tell you the truth-he’s not leaving. There’s a reason-other than sex-that she’s the wife and everyone else isn’t. If it were solely based on mindless sex, we’d all marry the town whore…but we don’t.
Last but certainly not least…

Believing that you can use the pussy to change the inevitable-it’s one of the dumbest and most commonly observed things that I see women do. Shit, that’s why I stopped hooking people up. Female friends would meet and take interest in certain male friends of mine. They’d ask, “Wassup with _____?” and I’d tell em’ straight up, “listen…based on your personalities…it’s a technical mismatch. I wouldn’t hook you guys up. You’re looking for two different things.” (It was the nicest way that I could explain that my male friend wasn’t shit…and wasn’t gonna change)
They’d nod their head in agreement, tell me they understand, and often thank me for my honesty. A week later, I’d get a phone call saying that they went out on a date, and things went horribly wrong. Wownow…he ended up being everything I told them he’d be, and with having had that information beforehand, they still insisted on doing the same thing I urged them not to do. The difference between a wise man and a fool is that the wise man does in the beginning what the fool doesn’t do until the end. A quick word of advice ladies: Sometimes meeting new people in our lives can be similar to Black Friday shopping with your last bit of money left. Every now and then, you go to that store that has a No Refund policy. You have that outfit that is looking right at you and the price is right. Shit, the price is so right…you’d feel like quite the fool to not buy. But you wanna try it on to make sure it fits-remember you can’t take it back- and you’re running short on time. You got places to go and you need to get there fast. Though the price looks good, you don’t wanna invest the little bit of money you have left on this outfit that cannot be returned if you don’t like it.
            We sometimes meet these sale item people in life and our patience with dating is running short like our bank accounts. No refund policies are like mistakes…we can’t take them back! We made some costly purchases in the past that weren’t worth the investment. Seemingly too good for MACY’s, we got people that chase Sak’s Fifth Avenue relationships-only to find out that overpriced shirt wasn’t shit after the 1st time it got washed and now it’ll never fit the same. Sometime we invest in expensive shit to floss for others and they don’t even notice.
            Some folk we meet have a No Refund policy. If you decide to invest in em, you better be sure they’re what you want because you may find yourself stuck with them or stuck in the situations that a night of passion can bring. Be sure they fit within the parameters of your life and how you choose to live it, because there is no such thing as Platinum Pussy that can change a man’s way of thinking. We all see the current situation with the newly-married Alicia Keys and how she transitioned from mistress to wife…let’s see how long she stays there… I’m sure we all know the outcome.

“The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination that gets him.”    -Helen Rowland

…These Are The Random Thoughts Of Ronald Gray…


Volume 56: Everyone Thinks They're A Model

“The camera can be lenient; it is also expert at being cruel. But its cruelty only produces another kind of beauty, according to the surrealist preferences which rule photographic taste.”  –Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag

            I love my job. I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that there’s no occupation greater than that of a professional photographer. Imagine having a job where you’re paid to be creative, meet new and interesting people every day, and have fun. Sometimes I still wonder how the hell I ended up doing the very thing I grew up disliking. When I’m not losing my mind during the routine workweek in the Philadelphia Public Schools, I’m in the Aperture Studio- chasing the dream of becoming a very successful fashion and glamour photographer. It’s almost as if I’m Clark Kent at one job, and Superman at another. In the Philadelphia Schools I’m Clark…mild mannered, friendly, yet far from the social butterfly. I’m very good at my job, but there’s an absence of passion. I’m just following the routine…waiting for 3:00pm. Once I leave these walls and head on over to my newly acquired studio space, I become someone else. As I enter the industrial building-turned photography studio, my mind is on everything, yet also on nothing but my passion. I’m thinking about what poses I wanna try, the concept of the shoot, what time the model is arriving…all while reciting a silent prayer for a successful shoot. Here in my comfort zone, I no longer share the burdens and concerns of my alter ego. There’s nothing corporate about what I do. I’m an Artist. My mission? Create some fly shit that people wanna see…and I love every minute of it. Well…almost every minute of it. Photography…like any other occupation…isn’t perfect. Many of my friends have an occupation where they make a difference in the lives of others. Some work in medicine and law enforcement and save lives. Others work in the legal system and save lives by sending the guilty to lengthy prison terms, or save the innocent from incarceration. Some feel a sense of accomplishment by providing certain services to the unfortunate who can’t afford it. As much as I love to shoot, I can’t see where my job enhances the lives of others. If anything, I feel as though I often cater to the over-inflated egos and narcissism of people-many who need a reality check and a clue…not a photo shoot.

            To be a photographer, one must have tough skin. This was very difficult for me, because I am extremely sensitive. Well-I used to be. Eryka Badu hit the nail on the head when she said, “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist…and I’m sensitive about my shit!” The arts require a certain type of perseverance, because you hear “no” a thousand times before you get your first “yes.” Some will be unimpressed by your work; some will sing your praises. As talented as some think I am, I get rejected. A lot. I’ve emailed my resume to countless popular magazines in New York-one of them an astonishing eight different times-without reply. Not even an email telling me to fuck off. I’ve even offered to contribute as an intern, opting to travel as far as New York for free with still no response-that shit hurt. But I’ve found some success with rare opportunities to shoot for smaller publications and now my own individual company’s newfound success. Imagine having 16 years of experience and being rejected over and over like you’re some random idiot with a Polaroid camera and a GED. Today things are finally going very well, which is the reason I haven’t been blogging in a while. Well I’m back, and I figured an appropriate topic would be the things that I encounter in my endeavors for a successful career…

                 “Along with people who pretty themselves for the camera, the unattractive and the disaffected have been assigned their beauty.” –Susan Sontag, On Photography by Susan Sontag

 The thing that attracted me most to fashion and glamour photography was the challenge of capturing the model. A model, also sometimes called a mannequin, is a male or female employed for displaying and promoting the line of clothing or for advertising or art purposes. Shooting models becomes immensely interesting because there are so many types: fashion, fitness, body-part, glamour, fine art, etc.
Although models can come in all shapes and sizes, the most successful models follow strict diets and exercise plans to maintain a specific scale. Female models should be around 34-24-34 and at least 5’8. Male models are preferred to be 5’10-6’2 with a waist of 26-33 inches. The most annoying thing about modeling is that large cities like my own are overpopulated with larger-than-life egos. After the digital revolution, it seemed as though everyone who owned a digital camera thought they were a photographer. It was no coincidence that every female with above average looks suddenly felt the insatiable need to consider herself a model. Just because you stand in front of some guys iphone camera and smile childishly, or some nude shots of you end up on the net…doesn’t make you a model! I’m no Shemar Moore or Tyson Beckford. I’ve never appeared in the pages of Essence Magazine for being one of the Most Eligible Bachelors. I’m not a heartthrob. But unlike many in this industry, I know my worth as well as my limitations. Part of being truly good at something is also realizing what you’re not good at. The deadly combination of vanity and borderline delusion has lined my pockets and the pockets of countless talented photographers all throughout the nation with clientele who desired our services. ModelMayhem.com has further ignited the flames of delusion for legions of people-male and female, old and young, attractive and…some not so much-to pursue careers as professional models. I receive profile information on some who-how can I put this-pretty much don’t stand a chance in hell of becoming professional models. Some do it just for fun, and some are experienced models, simply looking to network with others in the field. Other times I get requests from profiles like these:
“No matter how sophisticated the camera, the photographer is still the one that makes the picture.”  -Doug Bartio
            There is nothing that gets under my skin quite like the client with the over-inflated ego. I’ve dealt with it all in this industry: from Bridezillas, to the ghetto bridal party. I’ve shot baby showers where the ex-girlfriend of the child’s father was outside with her goons in an attempt to confront the mother-to-be. I’ve photographed weddings where fights have erupted at the wedding receptions. I’ve witnessed grooms who were so intoxicated that 9-1-1 had to be called because they had passed out. There was a wedding party that had 21 bridesmaids and 21 groomsmen, with 3 stretched limousines and an insane bride who felt the need to tell me, and the videographer how to do our job. I’ve had no-shows for photo shoots and I’ve had a deadbeat who wrote me a check for $230 that bounced for photography services.  I’ve waited impatiently for 3 hours for some shoots to start. I’ve been at outdoor shoots for rappers in the hood with police investigating an outdoor homicide scene across the street. In the end, I’ve always been able to maintain a stoic exterior and conduct myself with calm professionalism. But dammit…some of these aspiring models are really getting on my nerves…
            Recently I was contacted via facebook from an aspiring model who I had spoken with before on modelmayhem. Sometimes photographers will agree to something called a “TF” shoot, which means Time For. “Time For” is a means of one artist exchanging their time, in exchange for another service. For example, when a photographer is starting out and doesn’t have a large clientele. He/she may seek the services of models, who offer their services in exchange for the images from the shoot or a CD of the images. A Makeup artist may offer their makeup services for your shoot in exchange for a CD containing the images. Sounds like a good deal, right? Problem is that the delusional model will oftentimes request FREE photography services, while still attempting to give you THEIR rates for their services! Normally I’d immediately tell them to kiss my talented, unapologetic, Jamaican-American ass, but one must always maintain professionalism despite adversity. The bottom line is this: A real photographer does NOT pay for models. WE are paid to shoot. Oftentimes the model will pay us, or the agency that represents him/her will pay us. Sometimes if a shoot is for a magazine, someone from the magazine staff or someone who represents an artist will pay. I used to be opposed to TFCD (time in exchange for CD) shoots, but I realized the potential for future business through smart marketing. There are many times when it plays to your advantage. I’ve done TFCD shoots, and turned them into 3-4 paid assignments through the right people seeing the end results. An artist’s work speaks for itself. But…every now and then someone contacts you for your help and the ensuing conversation makes you wanna choke the shit outta them and swear off helping your people altogether.
            Here’s a perfect example of the kinds of things that a photographer can go through when attempting to help out a BROKE-ASS aspiring model with an over-inflated ego. If y’all know how I can get down (as most of you know), you’d know that 2 years ago, her ass woulda been TOAST! But…I do my best to constantly be the bigger person now and handle business. Here was our conversation after she contacted me in reference to a TFCD shoot. Tell me if I’M crazy:
            Ronald Gray September 2 at 11:41pm
You need a photographer? Ok. Sounds good. I’m ready when you are. I'm making appts in the studio fri-sun between the hours of 12-7. what's your vision? http://www.ronaldgray.com/ -Ron

(delusional model, who’s name and identity has been withheld) September 2 at 11:43pm
I'm in LA at the moment but will be back in PHL within the next week or 2. I'm open to concepts. Please check out www.nymmg.com. That is the agency that I am signed to. If you are confident that you can produce photos of that quality then I'd be glad to work with you.


Every model on MMG has been hand picked and thoroughly evaluated by MMG professionals that have a track record of finding industry superstars. MMG provides agencies with this service at no cost and has been designed to fulfill every need of an agency's booker.

Ronald Gray September 2 at 11:48pm
outstanding. here is my contact info. feel free to let me know what day works best as soon as possible. schedule fills quickly.
ronaldgraythephotographer@gmail.com (blackberry)
Here is my Studio: Aperture Studio-3417 Melvale Street Phila PA (in the port richmond section of the city)
appts Fri-Sun between the hours of 12-7
talk 2 ya soon!

(Model) September 2 at 11:49pm
Are you confident that you can produce such images?


Ronald Gray September 2 at 11:54pm
sure. i can do anything.

(Model) September 2 at 11:56pm
Did you take a good look at the images on the website? You responded rather quickly. The photographers who took those pictures are very talented. Not to say that you aren't, I just want you to fully understand the kinds of images that I hope to receive. I no longer work for free unless it's going to benefit me and that is why I'm looking for an amazing photographer for photos similar to the ones on the website. I just don't want to waste my time. So please review the photos once more and be sure.


Ronald Gray September 2 at 11:59pm
OK *****(model’s name). I took a very good look at several of the models on the site. I myself do not work for free EITHER unless it is something that benefits ME. Photography is a business for me and not a trendy way to meet females or a hobby. If I accept an assignment or utilize my talents, studio, and time for a project, then I stand by my talent and company's brand. I choose to respond quickly because quite frankly, that's how I operate when it comes to business. My website and work speaks for itself.

(Model) September 3 at 12:02am
Okay. Just making sure. I appreciate a quick response, I just want to make sure that you took adequate time to see what I expect. I will contact you when I know for sure when I will be back in town.


Ronald Gray September 3 at 12:03am

(Model) September 8 at 12:15am
I am back in town but booked until the 14th. Did you plan on providing makeup/hair/wardrobe for the shoot?


Ronald Gray September 8 at 12:18am
wow *****!(model’s name)...I'm just a photographer. LOL I take the pictures. (smiles) I have a great makeup artist who can likely volunteer her services as a favor for ME. As far as hair...i NEVER provide that service for clients. I can't spend my own $ to not make any. Wardrobe is the same thing. I know plenty of designers from shooting fashion shows. I can ask them and see if they are available and willing to donate for a shoot, but I can never promise that they will do so.

(Model) September 8 at 12:20am
I know that you are a photographer lol. But when working with TF* projects, often times photographers will have a team. I also can not afford to spend my own money when I am not making any off of the shoot. Talk to your people and see what you can come up with. Also, if they agree to doing so, please send me a link to their work. After that is situated we can begin discussing a date.


            So…someone’s been watching too many episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Who the fuck does she think she is?!? Now…I’ve worked with all kinds of people, both well known and virtually unknown, but I’d say that she was probably the most arrogant. It’s ironic that the ones that no one’s ever heard of…who can’t even afford a $350 shoot with me…have the nerve to make outlandish demands. (shaking my head) Another Delusional Diva. Another misguided soul who’s heard, “yo…you should model” by one too many men who don’t know the industry. Did I mention that she’s not even 21 yet?!? Two years ago, I would have reminded her that “Ron the Photographer” is also Ron from Philadelphia and showed no tolerance for her prima donna bullshit. But this is a new day and I’m 31 years young as of today (9-12). Life is good, business is good and I’m doing what I love. I’m a changed man….chasing the dream and hopefully opening doors for others to do the same. I hate some of these idiots, but I love this photography thing and hopefully I’ll continue to make you all proud. I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back now. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress! http://www.ronaldgray.com/
“When the novice photographer starts taking pictures, he carries his camera about and shoots everything that interests him. There comes a time when he must crystallize his ideas and set off in a particular direction. He must learn that shooting for the sake of shooting is dull and unprofitable.” –Alexey Brodovitch-Photography, February 1964

…These Are The Random Thoughts Of Ronald Gray…



“Money is only loaned to a man. He comes into the world with nothing and he leaves with nothing.”   -William Crapo Durant, Founder of General Motors & Chevrolet

             As I sat inside Atlantic City’s Showboat Casino, I peered over my seated friend’s shoulder to observe the game of Blackjack taking place in front of me. I watched his style of betting-he’d wager the minimum amount allowed on a hand…ten dollars (though many casinos have a $20 minimum on blackjack) and he’d never deviate from the plan. He’d win a few hands, then he’d start to lose; then he’d begin to get hot and win again, only to begin to lose some more-before finally quitting and deciding it were time to head back to Philadelphia. Make no mistake…my girl friend was good at blackjack. He’d sometimes call to tell me that he’d won over a thousand dollars. Sure, it would take him sometimes four…five…six hours to pull it off, but the pride of entering a casino equipped with $200, and leaving out with $1,200 would be quite the conquest for anyone. As a reward for winning big, the Casino would offer him a complimentary room, but he knew that there was something beneath the surface of the Casino’s newfound generosity. You see, the Casino was designed for one thing and one thing only: To take people’s money! Kin Hubbard once said, “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.”
I wholeheartedly agree.
            A Casino, like many other legal hustles and scams, doesn’t come forthright and explain its intentions. Instead, its hustle is based and predicated on Chance. They make you believe that you have a chance…to win. They prey on human appetites. When you begin to win in a casino, you desire to win more. If you’ve won their money, the Casino wants it back, so they’ll offer the winner a complimentary room for the night. Why? Because chances are…most people will wake up the next day to spend more money in the Casino again…and the Casino will ultimately win. It’s set up for you to fail. Ever notice there are no clocks in the Casino…no windows…they take away your ability to be aware of time. They offer you “complimentary” drinks-lowering your inhibitions. They’re always air-conditioned, keeping you wide awake. They make you feel right at home…while they take your money. When someone has a hot hand and is consistently beating the dealer and winning, a manager comes over, relieves the dealer and a new one replaces him/her. The Casino sells you the false hope of chance.
            The first time I accompanied my friend to a Casino I was fascinated by the lights from afar. We entered its vast structure and walked along a seemingly endless Persian-styled rug, past the marble floors and pillars. I saw a lobby, where in it stood and sat nearly thirty people-their faces bore expressions of sadness, panic, calamity and fatigue. I could tell these were the Casino’s victims…they came there because the Casino sold them the chance of winning…but it was designed for them to lose. I looked over each one, and imagined what their stories were. Perhaps some had a serious addiction and this was a typical Friday night; some may have blown bi-weekly paychecks or even children’s college savings. Some could have squandered large quantities stolen from loved ones. They sat and paced the lobby in a trance and it brought back thoughts of seeing drug-addicted people in Philadelphia, as I felt immense pity, and yet shook my head in contempt. My gambling friend was way too cautious to get caught up in this kind of a situation. He played blackjack the same way he conducted his own life. He played it safe (bet the minimum) and was very cerebral. He never took chances, so when he won, he won little by little; and when he lost… he only lost a little. The greatest thing that set him apart was his uncanny ability to walk away. He’d sometimes bring me along just to hold his wallet…with specific instructions-to under no circumstances ever give him any additional money. I’m not a gambler (though I’ve played and won a few times), and as much as it bored me to tears to watch him in the Casino, I respected the way he played the game. Now…lemme get to the random thought:

“No one can earn a million dollars honestly.”  -William Jennings Bryan

            There’s another profession that is based on chance, even though it’s designed to fail. The employees of that enterprise are called drug dealers. In my opinion, a drug dealer is no more intelligent than the addict he sells to. Everyone knows that it only takes one incident of contact with a drug to be hooked-yet countless people get hooked on drugs with the vain notion, It won’t happen to me. Everyone knows that drug dealers never retire from their occupation of choice with a pension and a retirement villa. The Drug Dealers who refuse to quit wind up dead or in jail. There are no exceptions and have never been any exceptions to the rule…yet lo and behold…there’s never a shortage of morons to stand outside on a corner, foolishly thinking It won’t happen to me. The Idiot who sells drugs and the fool who can’t stop gambling are both lured in by the prize… quick money. Both know the risks; a gambler realizes that he could potentially lose everything he came with, but he insists that his skill will overcome the Casino’s money structure-which is designed for him to fail. The drug dealer believes that he can acquire large amounts of money quickly, and that his pension for police evasion will keep him in business. The Drug Dealer is in denial that he’s too lazy to get a real job. Why’s that? His mantra is that he “Ain’t got time to be workin’ no 9-5 for minimum wage.”
             It’s laughable when the man who refuses to work for $10 an hour for one year of his life with an honest job gaining experience, gets arrested and works for 35 cents an hour for the next five years of his life with a menial prison job. He fails to see or fails to care about the design. The same design that sold him chance-each successful sale, each materialistic purchase a victory for him-but ultimately the design is the only winner. What’s the best job available for prisoners? Suicide Watch. Lil Wayne, who made $42 million last year, is now making 50 cents an hour with his suicide watch position. Contrary to the meager salary, it’s actually the highest paying job for a prisoner-mostly entailing mingling with prisoners and is much better than working the kitchen or sanitation duty. You usually have to be recommended by a correctional officer or you must volunteer. Prisoners take course on how to deal with at-risk counterparts. Spike Milligan famously said, Money couldn’t buy friends, but you do get a better class of enemy. Throughout the ebb and flow of his dealings, the drug dealer makes enemies with law enforcement, rival drug dealers, and even the honest hardworking citizen…who’s detest can range from both jealousy of someone making three times their salary in half the time, to natural animosity towards those who make their children’s streets dangerous and those who feel exempt from the laws of the land and taxes that the law abiding citizens must endure.
        So why would anyone get into a labyrinth of circumstances when the only exits are prison or death? Simple. People are stupid. Truth be told, selling drugs has likely crossed almost every inner city black man’s mind at some point in his life. Unless you were the product of a wealthy family, you know what it’s like to have a bank account with a negative balance. You know what it felt like to be B-R-O-K-E. We all attempted to place a phone call on the cell one day and were redirected to a customer service rep for payment by our wireless providers. We’ve had the experience of screening blocked phone calls with the bill collector on the other end, looking to make arrangements for a delinquent payment. We all know the struggle. The reason why we all didn’t run to the corner, stripper pole or worse is because we chose to make better choices. They thoughta were just that: THOUGHTS. We recognized that it’s all planned to fail. We knew the ending before the entire saga played out. A Sucker is born every day and yet every day someone wakes up with dreams of being the next Scarface ...forgetting that Scarface dies at the end. Who will be the next idiot?

I know how it feel to wake up fucked up/Pockets broke as hell, another rock to sell/ People look at you like you’re the user/Sellin’ drugs to all the losers, mad Buddha abuser/But they don’t know about ya stress-filled day/ Baby on the way, mad bills to pay/That’s why you drink Tanqueray, so you can reminisce/ And wish…you wasn’t livin’ so devilish…shit/ I remember I was just like you/ Smokin’ blunts with my crew, flippin’ old 62’s/ Cause G-E-D was it B-I-G/ I got P-A-I-D, that’s why my Mom hates me/ She was forced to kick me out, no doubt/ Then I figured out, nicks went for twenty down south/ Packed up my tools for my raw power moves/ Glock nineteen for casket and flower moves/For punks tryna stop my flow/ and what they don’t know will show on the autopsy/ Went to see Papi, to cop me a brick/ Ask for some consignment, he wasn’t tryna hear it/ Smokin’ mad Newports cause I’m doin’ court for an assault that I caught in Bridgeport New York/ Catch me if you can, like the gingerbread man/ You better have ya gat in hand, cause Maaaaan/    -Notorious B.I.G “Everyday Struggle”

       …Damn he was nice….

…These Are The Random Thoughts Of Ronald Gray….